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7 Seas Tackle Company-Online Fishing Tackle!! The History Of 7 Seas Tackle Company!

7 Seas Tackle Company-Online Fishing Tackle!! The History Of 7 Seas Tackle Company!

Alan Weidner |

Introducing the Captivating Journey of 7 Seas Tackle: Elevate Your Fishing Experience!

Dive into the captivating story of Alan Weidner, the visionary behind 7 Seas Tackle Company. Immerse yourself in the tale of a young entrepreneur whose roots in the fishing industry ignited a passion that has shaped an extraordinary online tackle shop.

Picture a 13-year-old Alan, already making waves in the fishing world. His summer days were spent in the back bays of Brigantine, navigating his meticulously rebuilt 1968 13' Boston Whaler. His mission? To secure the freshest bait from the marina's freezer, braving shallow waters and narrow creeks to trap minnows. This youthful adventure marked the inception of his entrepreneurial spirit, laying the foundation for what was to come.

Alan's journey unfolds with relentless determination. Balancing multiple jobs, including trapping minnows, working at the renowned Riptide Bait and Tackle, and even becoming a mate on the charter boat "Treemendous." The island of Brigantine recognized him as a dedicated worker, a reputation built upon reliability, hard work, and exceptional customer service.

The lesson of the summer was clear: success is earned through dedication and resilience. Alan's expertise in punctuality, diligence, and customer care, nurtured during his charter boat days, became valuable assets. By summer's end, he had amassed a significant sum, but an unexpected opportunity beckoned—a chance to acquire three local tackle shops and birth an online sensation, now known as "Tackle Center."

With newfound skills in accounting, business management, marketing, and website development, Alan orchestrated a seamless transition into the world of online commerce. As the seasons unfolded, so did his pursuits. From power washing with "AmeriWash Power Washing" to venturing into auto detailing, Alan's determination remained unwavering. His 7 Seas Tackle venture experienced exponential growth, with each year surpassing the last.

Fast forward to the spring of 2023, a season that redefined success for Alan. The meteoric rise of 7 Seas Tackle Company took center stage, paralleled by the exceptional journey of AmeriWash. With Alan's unwavering commitment, the vision of 7 Seas Tackle evolved into an enterprise ready to revolutionize your fishing experience.

Today, we invite you to embrace the legacy of 7 Seas Tackle. Join us as we continue our pursuit of excellence, offering you the finest fishing gear and unmatched expertise. Alan Weidner's journey is not just a story—it's an invitation to elevate your fishing endeavors and be a part of a legacy that's cast in dedication and passion.

Welcome to the world of 7 Seas Tackle, where your fishing dreams set sail.


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Roshan industry ,

Hey Alan,
I just placed my first order with you after seeing your ad on Instagram. It’s not huge, just some hooks that I’ve actually been looking for. I’m in North Carolina and fish both fresh and saltwater and I read your story and I wanted to give you some of my business. I’m retired now so I’m always looking for bargains and I’ll be shopping with you again soon.
Your ad on Instagram worked fyi .
I hope you grow.

Will Perryman ,

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